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The Events Schedule will be changed and updated when needed.

JANUARY 9th, Bodhi Day (Lunar). Honouring the Buddha’s Attainment of Perfect Enlightenment. Meditation & Chanting, at Duc Son Buddhist Centre, Bothwell. Starting at 10:00 a.m.

FEBRUARY 1st, East Asian New Year (Water Tiger Year).

FEBRUARY 13th, Full Moon Festival.

FEBRUARY 15th, Parinirvana Day. Honouring the Buddha’s attainment of Nirvana without end, Deathlessness.

FEBRUARY 16th, Sangha Day (Magha Puja).

MARCH 20th, Quan-Yin (Quan-Am) Practice Day, at Duc Son Buddhist Centre, Bothwell.

APRIL 16th, Theravada New Year.

MAY 4th, Manjushri’s Birthday.

MAY 8th, Vesak (Buddha’s Birthday).

MAY 15th, Tasmanian Rains Retreat Begins (3 Months).



AUGUST 14th, Tasmanian Rains Retreat Ends.

SEPTEMBER 22nd, Dipankara Bodhisattva’s Birthday.

OCTOBER 19th, Quan-Yin Practice Day.

OCTOBER 30th, Medicine Buddha’s Birthday, starting at 10:30 a.m. Anyone interested in participating, or having prayers and the names of loved ones read out for them should contact us in advance.

NOVEMBER 6th, Bodhidharma’s Birthday.

NOVEMBER 27th, Animal Memorial & Blessing Ceremony. Venue TBA.

DECEMBER 8th, Bodhi Day (Honouring the Buddha’s Attainment of Perfect Enlightenment).

DECEMBER 18th, Amitabha’s Birthday.

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