Regular Activities



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BUDDHIST STUDIES GROUP- Every Tuesday, 6:30p.m. at Zen House Studio, Penguin.  All are welcome. Donations are appreciated. This group participates in studying general Buddhist teachings. There are opportunities for Q&A, and Discussion. There is also an opportunity to cultivate compassion for all beings by participating in group chanting and prayers.


DAY OF DHARMA-  Every Sunday, 12 Noon, at the Red Cross Hall, Ulverstone. All are welcome. Donations are appreciated.  These classes introduce participants to various forms of meditation and Buddhist teachings: opening up possibilities for individuals to eventually Awaken the heart of wisdom and compassion within themselves. In these classes there are opportunities for questions and answers. (There will be no class on Sunday March 18 due to retreat commitments. This class will resume normal activities on Sunday March 25).

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Email:                                                                                    Mobile: 0417 595 600,   Tel: +61 3 6437 2645                                                             Postal Address:                                                                                                         Buddha-Heart Fellowship of Tasmania, Zen House Studio, 100 Main Road, Penguin, Tasmania, Australia, 7316.                                                                      Facebook: Buddhaheart Fellowship.  



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