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BuddhaName.org is home to the Buddha-Heart Fellowship of Tasmania. We are dedicated to Nien-Fo Ch’an (the unified practice of Ch’an “Zen” and Pure Land Buddhism), and the ideals of community service, and non-sectarianism.

Buddha-Heart Fellowship is affiliated with CloudWater Zendo, the Zen Centre of Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.

Our basic schedule is as follows:

  • Buddhist Studies Group, at Zen House Studio, Penguin, every Tuesday at 6:30p.m. General Buddhist Studies, Discussion, Q&A, and Puja. 
  • Zen Day Class, at Zen House Studio, Penguin, on 2nd & 4th Sundays of the month, at 1:00p.m. Meditation Instruction, Q&A, and Puja.
  • Introduction to Buddhism, at Zen House Studio, Penguin, on the 1st Sunday of the month, at 1:00p.m. Exploring the foundations of Buddhist teachings and practice, and how it relates to daily life.

News: The latest BHFT Quarterly Newsletter is now available. To be added to our email list use the contact details below. Alternatively, if you would rather receive a hard copy version then send us your postal address.


TO CONTACT US-                                                                                                      EMAIL: buddha.h.f@gmail.com                                                                                    TEL: +61 3 6437 2645   MOBILE: 0417 595 600                                                           POSTAL ADDRESS:                                                                                                            Buddha-Heart Fellowship of Tasmania, Zen House Studio, 100 Main Road, Penguin, Tasmania, Australia, 7316.                                                                               FACEBOOK: Buddhaheart Fellowship.                                                                  


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12 thoughts on “Home

  1. Dear Dharma Brothers and Sisters, Masters, Teachers and Students in Australia,

    It has been difficult reaching remote areas by local government and international rescue teams. Fortunately due extensive knowledge of our monks and nuns come from these remote areas, two monasteries in Kathmandu are able to reach and deliver rescue aid, food and medical treatment and supplies. Following are the information for these two monasteries, details of the work they have been handling since the earthquake hit and their account details for those who wish to support the relief work they are carrying. More than 90% destruction caused in these remote villages by the earthquake and any help you may consider would be great benefit. You may wish to print this and put on your advertising board. Thank you.

    Grace Greenland – Volunteer







  2. Cogratulations Sifu, Na Mo Ami T’o Fo! Great to see what you are doing, for it is very pleasing to see such good Buddha Dharma work happening locally for the sake of the enlightenment of all sentient beings! Namaste, with best wishes to everybody from hermit Mauriezen Guang Kadampa.

  3. Hi Sifi
    Fantastic to meet you today, may the year ahead be full of good health, love and lots of laughter.
    May you also be fit and healthy to carry on what you have been called to do.

    Hank n’ Ros Ancliffe, my very dear friends , are so deserving of everything good and positive, you teach, I believe there is a reason why we met today, also coming over to Tasmania.

    Take care
    Billy Amourous ( Perth Western Australia )

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